Worker’s Permits - Processed on Thursdays during Summer 2020

Are you fifteen years old or younger in need of a Worker’s permit?  Contact Ms. Latricia Pritchard, Secretary to begin the process: email: or call (618) 877-1712, extension 6260. 

Before a Worker’s Permit is issued, students must secure photocopies of the following documents:

Ø 1. Complete Worker’s Permit Application 

Ø 2. Birth Certificate

Ø 3. Employer’s Intent to Hire Letter - Employer Name, Address, City

Ø 4. Social Security Card

Ø 5. Most recent Physical with Shot Records

Ø 6. School ‘Good Status’ Letter*

*School Good Status letter is provided for you

Students, after securing application, it is your responsibility to return all paperwork to Ms. Pritchard.  Ms. Pritchard will issue your new Worker’s Permit once all documents are completed and returned.  Good luck!