Perfect Attendance Winner
Congratulations to Tyra Oliver, junior scholar-athlete, who won the perfect attendance prize for Mrs. Fenwick’s English classes! Tyra has a history of excellence, both in attendance and in academic endeavors. Her work ethic is impeccable and it shows in her grades. Our first winner was Jaylen Bey, senior honors student, who is currently on high honor roll at MHS and the Dean’s List at Southwestern Illinois College, where he is enrolled in college classes!. 

Mrs. Fenwick began her perfect attendance incentive drawing as a way to reward students who are doing just what they are supposed to do! She also hopes it will encourage students who miss a day here and there to attend more regularly. Each student who comes to class on time every day is entered in a lottery for a weekly prize. Attendance is tracked Thursday through Wednesday, with the drawing taking place last hour on Wednesdays. Some of the prizes include fun socks, candy, Ipsy bags and makeup, electronics, fancy pens and markers, art supplies, and anything else that might interest the kids.