Rakenzie & Jeremiah with Harriet Movie Ticket

Madison Jr. High School & Madison Student Support Center recently took a school-wide (Grades 6-8) field trip to see the movie Harriet.  Harriet is a biographical film about slave-turned-abolitionist Harriet Tubman.  The students were captivated by the trials and tribulations in her life.  They were surprised to learn how many times Harriet was almost caught.  6th Grade student, Dallas Gardner said, “Harriet was brave to go back and help her family and people she didn’t even know to escape slavery.”  Another student, Zaleyah Ransom, commented “The movie was very interesting, I already knew a lot about Harriet, but there were things in the movie that I didn’t know too.” The students could be heard discussing the movie on the bus ride home.  Tyrique Davis said it best “I expected to learn a lot about Harriet Tubman from the movie, I knew she was an abolitionist who saved many people from slavery, what I didn’t expect to learn was that she made 19 trips back and forth saving hundreds of people in a 10 year span, during those trips she would save her family, but often times she would save people she didn’t even know.  Violence was always Harriet’s last resort.”