MSSC's Education Field Trip

Educational Fieldtrip to the Zoo

What’s not to love about a field trip to the zoo?  MSSC students and staff had the opportunity to see all kinds of animals from elephants to giraffes.  Students even stood side-by-side with goats combing their hair.  The butterfly house also proved to be fascinating for some students as they were hoping for one to land on them so they could explore it up close. 

Visiting a zoo helps children understand the importance of taking care of the environment as it impacts the lives and welfare of animals.  It also teaches about the importance of conservation and animal care.  Students are given the opportunity to see and ask questions that they are pondering and may not know the answer to.  It can also spark their curiosity about animals and their habitats and behaviors.

The learning opportunities are incredible from a zoo visit.  A day at the zoo also encourages a healthy lifestyle while bringing classmates together.  There was plenty of fun for the kids and more important, the trip proved to be educational as well!