After School Program - Treats

Teaching Students STEM concepts while making Rice Krispie Treats

MSSC’s 21st Century after school program continues to learn STEM while doing fun activities.  Who doesn’t like Rice Krispie treats?  This week students who engaged in the after school program found out just how good they are.  Not to mention they were learning STEM concepts while making this delicious treat.

In scientific experiments and calculations measurements are very important and must be exact.  The same thing is true in baking.  Learning to correctly measure ingredients for cooking is a great life skill in the kitchen and also great STEM preparation for future science classes.

The Rice Krispies treats are a great example of learning about volume as well.  Volume is the amount of space a three-dimensional object occupies.  The volume of a rice krispie treat, which is usually cut into squares, can be calculated by its length (L) multiplied by its width (W) multiplied by its height (H).

What about the change of state?  Heating the marshmallows and butter causes them to change state from solid to liquid.  Once all the ingredients are mixed together and allowed to cool the ingredients change state from liquid back to solid again, but in their new form.

So you see, learning can be fun and taste good too.  Some of the students made these treats for the first time and agree they are fun to make and delicious!