A Rose after school

                                                    MAKE YOUR OWN BUTTER

Students at MSSC are diving into STEM experiments in the 21st Century after school program.  There is nothing more satisfying than doing a science experiment that can’t go wrong.  For their first classic STEM experiment, students explored what happens to cream when it is shaken.  The process of making butter is the perfect STEM experiment to start the year.

 Kids love science they can eat.  This experiment is the calling card to get the kids into the kitchen.  Butter goes good with fresh breads and muffins; you can’t go wrong in getting the kids involved in this science experiment. 

 Heavy cream has a good deal of fat in it.  That’s why it can make such delicious items.  By shaking the cream, the fat molecules begin to separate from the liquid.  The more the cream is shaken the more these fat molecules clump together forming a solid which is the butter.

 So let’s get SHAKEN!