Online Learning Student Expectations

  • Be Responsible
    • Log in to the Google Meet/Zoom in as distraction free and quiet of an environment as possible.
    • Camera should remain on the entire class period.
    • Microphone should be muted unless you are speaking.
    • The chat box is used ONLY to communicate about school work-with the teacher or working
    • Have necessary materials (notebook, folder, pencil) ready for remote learning.
    • Complete and turn in assignments in a timely manner through Google Classroom.
    • Schedule extra time before or after school to meet with teachers when you need extra help.
    • Have a plan to attack your schoolwork/homework-use the plan!!!
  • Be Respectful
    • Listen & respond at appropriate times.
    • Pay attention to the computer screen. (No other distractions-pets, family members, etc).
    • Do not talk while the teacher is teaching.
    • Use appropriate language and gestures.
    • Put away all cell phones and electronics before class.
    • Clothing is NOT optional - remember we can see you; all clothing should be school appropriate.
  • Be Ready to Succeed
    • Ask questions if unsure of a task or skill. There are no “dumb” questions.
    • Be ready to participate and learn in class.
    • Take good notes which include writing down examples and writing neatly.
    • Study independently and with others
    • If you need help-reach out to your teacher(s)!!! They are here to help you succeed!!!
    • Give 100% in all classes and on all assignments!!