Parents of Madison Jr. High School Students:

To help your child be successful at school the following supplies are needed for the creation of your child’s organizational binder.  This binder will be used for organization of all class materials and homework.  Students will no longer have to carry multiple binders and folders, instead with the organizational binder all their necessities for every class will be stored in one place.   All of these items are available for purchase at Walmart, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Target, and Office Depot or online at Amazon, Quill.com, or any of the website of the stores listed. Thank you

  • 5-assorted colors plastic 3 prong folders
  • 5-plastic sheet protectors
  • 1-3 inch binder
  • 5-8 Tab Dividers (plain or colored)
  • 1-Box of Ziploc Gallon Size Storage Bags
  • 1- Roll of Duck Tape (any color)