Senior Evelyn Escobar Vazquez, recipient of the SIUE Provost Scholarship
Exciting news came to Evelyn Escobar Vazquez this week from Southern Illinois University. Evelyn, a top student in the senior class at Madison High School, has been admitted to the Honor’s Program and has been awarded the SIUE Provost Scholarship. She was one of only 210 students to interview for the Meridian Scholarship, out of close to 2,000 applicants. While only 20 students are selected for the Meridian Scholarship, those not selected are eligible to be selected for the Provost Scholarship. As a result of her incredible work ethic and will to succeed, Evelyn was one of those chosen to receive the Provost Scholarship, which pays her tuition in full for 8 semesters of school. 

As part of the Honor’s Program, students and faculty work together to generate innovative solutions to real-world problems. The program is designed for like-minded students to bring out the best in one another, think creatively, ask difficult questions, and push beyond the boundaries of the classroom.  As stated on the SIUE website, “An honors education will prepare you not only for a living, it will prepare you to live well—to flourish as a human being.” It enables students to nurture their capacity to raise their eyes beyond their immediate horizons and inspires them to seek out answers in the world around them. 

Evelyn is considering a future in the legal profession as an attorney, but is open to going where her education and passions lead her. Her very proud parents are Mr. and Mrs. Evelio Escobar and Flor Vazquez, of Madison. They have a young son, Eder, who is also a student in Madison. Flor and Evelio are also to be commended for their strong support for Evelyn’s education and their commitment to her ongoing love of learning.