Welcome to Madison Student Support Center

Mission and Philosophy

Mission Statement

Maximize all students potential to be successful in the world.

Vision Statement
hoices: making positive decisions
Academics: striving for achievement
Respect: showing regard for others in our words and actions
Excellence: doing everything to the best of our abilities
Service: extending time and effort to help others

Beliefs and Philosophy

The overall principles that guide the operation of MSSC are respect and accountability. Other underlying principles and standards at MSSC include:

• Each student will be respected and has the responsibility to respect others.

• Each student has value and will be actively involved in the planning for his/her future.

• Each student’s plan will address four critical components: academics, the need for behavioral/therapeutic supports, career planning, and transition to adulthood.

• Each student will have a school environment that is supportive, challenging, and incorporates problem-solving and higher-order thinking.

• Each student has the ability to learn to become a life-long learner.

• Each student benefits when parents, teachers, and students work together for common goals and communicate frequently on progress toward goals.